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My Agonis 'After Dark' shrubs are in pots against a sunny wall, and about 12 months old. They are hand-watered and fed slow release fertilizer. The tips of the upper and outer branches are showing new growth, but the inner branches and leaves are as dead as a dodo. Shall I prune them out or will they regrow? Thanks.

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Hi Robyn,

Thank you for using Yates Website. Agonis 'After Dark' is a beautiful shrub which has burgundy to purple coloured foliage all year round, with tiny white flowers in spring. I can see there are some dead leaves near the trunk, however it is not a big issue, give them a prune as you suggested, they will come back.The only thing I would recommend is to leave the pruning till autumn and applying native fertiliser such as Yates Dynamic Lifter. Hope this would help and happy gardening. Regards Louise Yates Horticulturist



Answered: 18 Jan, 2016

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