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I've had 2 x Geralton Wax's planted in the ground for at least One and a half years now I have never seen this yellow stuff on the plants before (it almost looks like a yellow pollen, but I don't have anything else in the garden or in neighbouring properties that could have come from) Is it treatable, or do I need to dispose of the plant immediately? (I'm hoping it's not going to affect many other plants that I have in the garden - Eucalytpus, Leptospermums, Agonis's, Grevilleas, Roses)

Australian Natives • Diseases

The disease is called Myrtle Rust. We recommend to carefully wet the plants before removal to dampen any spores that are likely to be dispersed during removal. Check with local agricultural authorities for more information regarding disposal.




Answered: 4 Dec, 2020

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