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How do I treat rust on my protea?

I have two Leucospermum cordifolium hybrid plants they are in full flower and look great people often stop to admire them. The leaves are covered with brown spots which I think must be rust fungus. How can I safely treat this.

Australian Natives • Diseases

Hi Maureen,

Leucospermum can be infected with rust. Rust shows up as rusty-red, powdery spots on both sides of the leaf. You can either remove those affected leaves when you first notice them or the leaves can be sprayed with a product called Yates Fungus Gun. This product contains a systemic fungicide that is absorbed into the plant's system and translocates around the plant to control this disease. Leaf miner can also be a problem with Leucospermum. The larvae feeds within the leaf leaving thin blister type marks across the leaf. It is best to remove these leaves once they are noticed.



Answered: 6 Oct, 2012

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