Why is my buffalo lawn dying where it butts up against the house?

the grass butts up against a narrow concrete path right next to the house (which we put in a additional termite barrier). this first started out the front of the house which is now just dirt with no grass for about 300mm but has now also started at the side of the house. we tested for lawn grub, did a ph test (no issue) and also fertilised. what else could it be?


24 November 2012 05:24 AM

Hi Shona,

It is puzzling as to what has happened to your grass around your house. Can you pinpoint when this first happened? Did it happen soon after putting in the termite barrier? If it was curl grub, you would see browning off in patches throughout your lawn, not just around the edge of the concrete path. If the pH is between 6-7 this would not create a problem for the grass. Did you see any improvement when you fertilised and how many times have you fertilised and with what type of fertiliser. Look forward to hearing further from you.

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