How do I get rid of weeds in my buffalo lawn & the seeds from the buffalo?

My lawn is somehow invaded by weeds and I try to tackle them as much as I could, including the use of Yates weed killer products. Now, should I let the Buffalo grass seed heads to spread the seeds so that the lawn could be covered by more grass area? Or should I just mow them out? Your advice is greatly appreciated.


14 November 2011 04:55 AM

Hi Edwin,

Buffalo grass doesn't produce viable seed. From time to time you will notice seed heads appearing but it will do no harm to your lawn if you mow them out. The best way to keep your buffalo lawn strong and healthy is to water, fertilise and mow on a regular basis. Weeds can appear in your lawn especially at this time of the year, but these can be controlled by using a product called Buffalo Pro Weed n Feed. Maintaining the health of your lawn by using a good fertiliser such as Yates Lawn Master will also help to choke out those weeds before they have a chance to establish.

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