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How do I get my lawn in order, its a mess?

Hi, I'm located in Melbourne and in desperate need of advice to achieve a lush green soft lawn. We just bought our new (old) house. Its got lawn front and back that clearly has been left to decline over the years. Its mainly in full sun but some sections receive some shade during the day (but not much). Its a mix of couch, a broad leaf grass that grows in patches (is it a weed?) and other general weeds - flat leaf weeds and clover types - and then bare patches with no grass whatsoever (some of it is due to me removing massive areas of weeds). I want to achieve a perfect (or near perfect!) lawn. Where do I start? I've used liquid fertilizer already which has helped bring it back from the dead but what do I do about the weeds and the hodge podge of grasses and bare patches. Do I add in new lawn seed (and if so which type for my desired lawn) or do I need to start again? (which I don't really want to). Any help would be great. Willing to work hard to get that perfect lawn! (p.s. at the moment we only have a rotary mower)

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Hi Bridie,

I don't think it is unreasonable for you to want a perfect or near perfect lawn and I think you will be able to achieve it with a little hard work. It is probably best to do it in stages and then you won't become overwhelmed. To start with, now is the time to get rid of those existing weeds so they don't take over and invade the existing grass that is there. Yates have a number of products you can use. Measure out the number of square metres of lawn that you have and that way you will be able to apply the correct amount of herbicide. Yates have 'ready to use' products which are applied by via a hose-on fitting making it an easy and effective way of getting rid of those annoying weeds. You will find these products under the name of Buffalo Pro and Weed & Feed Hose-On. There are concentrate products available as well under the names, Yates Bindii & Clover Weeder and Buffalo Pro Weed n Feed Granular . Once the weeds have died off, you can then fertilise your lawn. A fertiliser will improve the health of your lawn by strengthening the existing root system and giving you a thicker, greener, stronger lawn. An excellent fertiliser to apply is Yates Lawn Master. If there are a lot of bare patches, you can oversow with with grass seed. You will have to decide whether you want to have a complete couch lawn or if you would be happy with a combination of couch and a tufting type of grass which is already there. The two grasses can blend very nicely together to produce the lush lawn that you want. Couch grass tends to brown off a little in the winter months so it might be good to have a combination of grasses so that your lawn stays green during the winter months. Yates haver just released a new product called Easy Patch Lawn Repair. It contains all the necessary ingredients needed to successfully repair the bare patches in your lawn. As well as containing a hardy, drought tolerant lawn seed mix, it also contains a professional grade fertiliser, feeding for up to 12 weeks, a premium wetting agent to assist water penetration through to bare patches to promote grass root development and coir that provides an instant seed bed for quick seed germination. Autumn is a perfect time to apply this product allowing time for the seed to germinate and allow a good strong root system to development before summer arrives. There are easy instructions on the packaging to help you to achieve a successful outcome. If you would like to go to our website you will find useful information that will help you further. I wish you all the best and I am sure with time and effort you will achieve that beautiful lush lawn you desire.



Answered: 13 Mar, 2013

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