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How can I get rid of the weeks in my Santa Ana Couch grass

Please advise what the best weed killer is that wont also kill the sant anna couch grass and where I can purchase it from. There seems to be a few types of weeds growing I can identify the broadleaf but not the tall ones presented in the photo below

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Hi Kat,

There are a number of herbicides that can be applied to couch grass that will kill the weeds and not harm the grass. You have the choice of using, Weed n Feed which is available in a hose-on container, Weed n Feed Granular, Bindii & Clover weeder and Buffalo Pro, available in a concentrate as well as a hose-on container. All of these products will control broadleaf weeds in a lawn area. The weeds in the photo you have posted are extremely well established so they will need to be pruned down to an acceptable level before you apply the herbicide. Some of those weeds in the photo are also flowering so to stop the dispersal of the seed, it would be best to put those weeds straight into a gardening bucket for removal. To keep your lawn free of weeds, apply the herbicide in spring again in autumn. Keep your lawn healthy by using a product called Lawn Master. This fertiliser will supply all the necessary nutrients to keep your lawn growing strongly. Water regularly, particularly during these hot summer months.



Answered: 10 Jan, 2014

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