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Can I increase the Buffalo Pro to water ratio to try and control clover in a buffalo lawn?

I have been using Buffalo Pro for the past 6 weeks to try and control clove in my buffalo lawn. I have followed the instructions on the container but the clover is increasing. Can I increase the recommended 400ml Buffalo Pro to 9 litres of water ratio to try and kill off the clover? If "Yes" what is a safe maximum ratio. Thank you

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Hi Ian,

We would not recommend increasing the concentrate rate of the Buffalo Pro Weed n Feed as it may have some adverse effect on the surrounding grass. Clover is one of those weeds that can be persistent and difficult to eradicate at times. If you have already applied the product more than once, it might be wise to wait now before applying it again. It can sometimes take 2 weeks before positive signs are seen. The Buffalo Pro Weed n Feed can be applied again in spring when the grass is actively growing again.



Answered: 20 May, 2013

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