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How do I control black beetles in my lawns?

I now have dead patches and dead black beetles appearing in small affected spots. What else can I do?

Lawns • Pests

Hi Geoff,

It is the larvae of the african black beetle (the curl grub) that has done the damage in your lawn area. What they do is that they eat the roots of the grass, leaving lots of brown dead patches. You do not mention what product you used other than it was a powder. We do not have an insecticide in powder form that will control curl grubs. Yates Baythroid is another product that you can use to control the adult of the curl grubs (African black beetle). If you have noticed dead beetle appearing now after you have used this powder, then it obviously had done its job in controlling the beetle. At this stage, to cover up those brown patches in your lawn, you will need to apply a fertiliser to encourage the grass to grow. We would suggest a product called Lawn Master. This is a slow release fertiliser which will supply nutrients to your lawn and strengthen the roots to produce a healthy green lawn.



Answered: 31 Jan, 2013

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