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When is the best time to plant instant lawn in East Pingelly, WA?

We live on a farm and have a huge area around the house that we would like to clear of garden beds and prepare for a combination of planting and rolling out new lawn. We are still getting some rain and cool mornings but when it does start to warm up it gets hot very quickly. Should we start preparing and getting ready to plant now? And what type of grass/lawn would you plant. Most areas will be exposed to full sun at some stage in the day. The garden wraps around the whole house so is facing all aspects. Thanks so much for your time.

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Dear Bernadette,

Now that spring is just around the corner and the soils are warming up it is time to think about getting out into the garden to put in new plant, fertilise and think about laying a new lawn. Yates does have a range of lawn seed to suit most climatic conditions in Australia. Within the LawnSmart range there is cough, kikuyu blend and all season lawn seed. Couch is a warm season grass which is drought tolerant and ideal for dry warm areas. It is also hardwearing and self repairing. Kikuyu Blend has a combination of kikuyu and annual rye grass seed. It is a vigorous growing grass type with good drought tolerance that is quick to establish and is self repairing. It is suitable for dry, warm areas. All Season lawn seed is more suited for cool climate areas of Australia and contains a blend of drought tolerant seeds. I will attach a link from our website which will give you some further information on our range of seed and how to prepare before sowing the seed. Lawn Growing from seed would be a more economical way of creating a new lawn but you could lay a new lawn by purchasing ready to roll out turf. You would need to contact a local supplier of turf in your vicinity to check what turf is suitable for your area, price and the quantity of rolls you would need to cover the area involved.



Answered: 23 Aug, 2011

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