How do I control fusarium patch in my winter green lawn?

I maintain & fertilise my lawn regularly and normally it looks perfect. But in the last few weeks these small dead patches are starting to appear. About 30mm in diameter. In the morning there is this white web or cotton growth over some new patches. I've googled the issue and it sounds like fusarium patch but it isn't very clear about a treatment. Can you help find us a cure please.


05 May 2013 04:50 AM

Hi Todd.

It is likely that your lawn has been infected with the fungus called dollar spot. The disease is most serious when heavy dew occur in humid summers and in autumn. You will see, as you have noticed, a white fluffy fungal growth on dewy turf in the early morning. We would recommend using a product called Yates Zaleton Dual Action Systemic Fungicide. For preventative control, the product can be applied every 21-28 days when conditions favour disease development. For curative control, apply when disease symptoms first appear and repeat every 14-21 days. You will find this product extremely effective. Once you have the fungus under control, feed your lawn with a good quality lawn fertiliser (Yates Lawn Master) to keep it strong and healthy.

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