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Can Dipel be used to control the bad 28 spotted ladybug please?

I've noticed a lot of the bad ladybugs around, as well as white cabbage butterfly. The leaves of my cabbages and beans have been badly eaten. I've bought some Dipel and sprayed it on, but noted it will not kill ladybirds. How can I get rid of the bad leaf-eating ladybirds please?

General Advice • Pests

Yates Natures Way Caterpillar Killer Dipel isn't registered for control of the 28 spotted ladybird nor is any other product in our range. The problem with using chemicals to rid these baddies is that they will also kill the beneficial ladybirds. The good guys help keep many garden pests under control, including the bright black and yellow ladybird that eats powdery mildew and other fungi.



Answered: 25 Nov, 2012

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