When is the best time to repotting a Wollemi Pine

Should I be thinking about re-potting and if so when?


05 June 2012 03:47 AM

Hi Robert,

As your Wollemi pine is now 4 years old, I think it would be a good idea to pot it on into a larger pot. As we are now heading into the winter months, your Wollemi pine will be slowing down in activity and growth. Wait until the end of winter/beginning of spring to repot your plant into a larger pot. You might like to select a pot that is about 40cm in diameter. This size pot will accommodate the size of the existing rootball as well as giving the plant room to increase in size. It is suggested that a native potting mix be used. Water in with a solution of seaweed solution (Liquid Dynamic Lifter to help the plant to settle in. Then select a warm, protected spot for the plant to happily grow. Enjoy having this magical plant in your garden.

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