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Why are my potted blueberries flowers not setting?

My 2 blueberry bushes are healthy both are in pots getting plenty of water (although not alot of water as the tag that came with it said to keep it moist not wet (they are in a self watering pot)) and sun plus have fed it an azalea fertaliser in spring. I have had 100's of floweres but now they seem to falling off. Have only got a few that has turned into berries. The plants are 1 year old could this be why or is there other reasons?

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Hi Belynda,

It could be a pollination problem that you are experiencing. If you have the variety of blueberry called rabbiteyes, it is suggested that two varieties must be interplanted to ensure good effective pollination. It may be also that the variety you have is not suited to the area where you live. There is an excellent publication called The Complete Book of Fruit Growing in Australia by Louis Glowinski which I would suggest you pick up from your local library or book store. In it there is a complete section on growing blueberries. Perhaps do a little investigation as to what variety you have and if you find you need another variety, perhaps your nursery could order in one for you.



Answered: 17 Nov, 2012

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