Tips for growing Blueberries and Loganberries

Minus 5 is the extreme, usally minus 1-3 is the average in winter.


05 January 2012 11:44 PM

Hi Geoff,

The cold temperatures won't be a problem for either the loganberry and blueberries as they will both be dormant in the winter months. You will need to purchase the varieties of blueberries which come from the highbush types, all of which need lots of winter chilling. The varieties for cold districts are 'Bluecrop' 'Bluerose', 'Brigita' 'Eliot' 'Burlington'Joyblue and 'Stanley'. Plants are usually available most of the year but they are best planted out in winter when they are dormant. Plant them into a well composted, free draining soil for best results.

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