Why is my lemon tree dying?

My lemon leaf is dying


09 January 2013 10:37 PM

Hi Fa,

It looks as though the leaves on your tree may have suffered from citrus leafminer attack. As a result, the leaves will tend to curl and when you look inside that leaf you will see silvery lines where this pest has laid its eggs. Attack from this pest is more likely to happen in summer/autumn. At this stage you will need to prune off the infected leaves and dispose of them. When the new flush of growth appears and the leaves are about 4cm long, you will need to protect this new growth from this pest by spraying with a product called PestOil. You can spray every 5-14 days as required during this flush period. Your lemon tree will not die. Just keep your tree healthy with regular watering during the hot summers and protect those leaves with PestOil during the period when this pest is active.

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