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Why are the leaves of my young meyer lemon tree shriveling up and with holes?

Its the new leaves that have the problem, I have used leaf curl spray, and a couple of insecticides, but still they are curling :o(

Fruit and Citrus • Pests

Dear Paul,

It is likely that the pest on your lemon tree that is causing the leaf to curl is Citrus Leaf Miner. This pest is active during the summer/autumn months when the tree is getting a new flush of leaves. The tiny moth is active at night and deposits its eggs along the midrib of young leaves. When the larvae hatch out, they tunnel in the leaf for 5-6 days. The leaves will curl and become distorted and you will notice silvery line throughout the curled leaf. The product to use to control this pest is Yates PestOil. You will need to spray the new growth ever 5-14 days and ensure that the leaves are thoroughly sprayed on top and underneath the leaves. The leaf curl spray you have been using is a copper spray and is used to control a fungus on peaches (not citrus) which causes the leaf to pucker and curl. If there are holes in the leaves, this could be caused by a caterpillar. The larvae of the citrus butterfly doesn't tend to do a lot of damage. The larvae will develop into a magnificent butterfly and for this reason we don't tend to spray any insecticides. You will find the citrus tree will put on new growth and a few nibbled leaves will hardly be noticed. Autumn is the time to feed your lemon tree and I would use a product such as Dynamic Lifter Advanced for Citrus. This product is an organic based fertiliser containing composted chicken manure with added mineral nutrients to help promote growth and fruiting. I am sure with a little care your tree will reward you with lots of heathy juicy fruit.



Answered: 4 Feb, 2019

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