What can I do to remove 100's of stink bugs from my large lemon tree

My large lemon tree has 100s of stink bugs - green, yellow and orange. Is there a product that can stop them?


12 October 2013 10:38 AM

Hi Kaz

There is no registered insecticide that will control the bronze orange bugs on citrus trees. At this stage of their development they are extremely difficult to control. In winter/early spring they are in their nymph stage, are quite small and green in colour. When spraying PestOil on your citrus during winter to clean up any scale that may be present, hopefully you will be able to contact these green bugs at the same time. All you can do at this stage is to hose them off the tree. They do tend to come down to the bottom of the tree during summer when the weather is hot. You could perhaps gather them up at this stage, put them in a bucket of hot water and kill them off. Good luck.

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