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What black wasp is eading my weeping cherry prunus leaves?

The insects don't seem interested in any other garden plants but do hover over the lower plants when you are watering. Only appear in the warmer weather.

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Hi Carol,

This "black flower wasp" is not a leaf eater but feeds on nectar and other insects. Black Flower Wasps adults feed upon nectar, and the female lays her eggs on Scarab Beetle Grubs similar to the White Grubs. Photos on the Botanic Gardens Trust government website supports that identification, so we are comfortable saying this is a Black Flower Wasp. They can be recognized because of their large size, dark coloration and hairy bodies. Try visiting the CSIRO website as they have a fact page, Female black flower wasps can sting but rarely do, as they are not aggressive. It is not necessary to control them. We believe it may be another insect doing the damage to the foliage perhaps pear and cherry slug or a caterpillar? If so try Yates Success Ultra concentrate. if it is (or was) a beetle then they are usually short lived unless you are actually observing any beetles you dont need to worry.



Answered: 7 Jan, 2019

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