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How to treat lace bug, mites and scale on young olive trees safely?

Hi, I Recently moved to a property with 17 young olive trees, all look pretty sick with the above pests. I have fertilised and watered well. I am concerned about spraying pesticides on a food crop.What is the best way to treat this problem safely? Thanks

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Hi Kalina,

It is disappointing when you find pests on your much loved plants, particularly when they are edible crops. Mites and scale can be controlled with a product called Nature's Way Citrus and Ornamental Spray. It has a a ready to use formula, there is also a concentrate that will control mites but not scale called Yates Nature's Way Vegie & Herb Spray Concentrate. No withholding period applies with this product. We don't range a product for lace bug control. Olive Lace Bug can be a real problem on olive trees. It is important to act as soon as you see that this pest is present. Yates Nature's Way Vegie & Herb Spray Concentrate does not registration to control this pest but if you are spraying for mites at the same time, it may have some effect on the lace bug. Keep your trees healthy by fertilising with a plant food such as Dynamic Lifter Plus for Fruit Food or Thrive Granualr Citrus Food.



Answered: 18 Sep, 2012

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