Why does my lemon tree have hardly any leaves and the trunk and branches have white spots

This lemon tree in the past has been very healthy, lots of juicy lemons but now it has very little leaves, and the tree trunks and branches have these white patches on them. Some of the branches also have a bulbous bit with little holes, so perhaps something is inside the branch as well?


24 April 2017 11:06 PM

Hi Bel,

Thanks for contacting Yates. The white patches on the stems are lichen. This does not really damage the plant, just grows on the stems when there is a bit of an issue with air circulation and dampness. You can trim back a couple of the branches to increase the air circulation. For the rest of the tree it may need a good feed if you have not already done this. Yates Thrive Citrus and Fruit Natural is the way to go. This will provide it with the nutrients that it needs as well as the fish and seaweed to help ease the stress it is under at the moment. If the area is constantly wet, try to limit the watering. Kind regards, Stephanie Yates Horticulturalist

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