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Can I use horse manure on blueberries?

Can I add horse manure to blueberries in large pots? My blueberries fruit well but the pots need topping up. Can I use horse manure?

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Horse manure should not be applied to plants by itself, especially if it is fresh. It needs to composted first and mixed with other organic matter. 


You can put small amounts in the compost, just make sure you are adding plenty of Carbon based material - like wood chip, sawdust, twigs and branches - to help balance out the high Nitrogen content of the horse manure (balancing out the Carbon to Nitrogen ratio).

When composting, make sure you are using a variety of 'ingredients' as soils (and plants) are much happier and healthier when there is a wide variety of organic matter. You can also mix in some 'Yates Dynamic Lifter Soil Improver and Plant Fertiliser' - this has chicken manure, seaweed, Blood and Bone, and Fishmeal - to help provide a wide variety of organic matter and nutrients.



Answered: 13 Feb, 2022

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