Best time to prune citrus and stone fruits

I have a number of citrus and stone fruit trees that came with my property, the stone fruits especially look sick and I feel pruning them will help them regain their health. When is the beat time to prune citrus and stone fruits and how? Do I just go to town to bring them back to a few main branches or should I be more selective?


12 March 2021 04:43 PM

The best time of year to prune fruit trees, including citrus and stone fruits, is spring. 
- Ensure the plants are well watered and fertilised prior to pruning, try Yates Dynamic Lifter Reduced Odour Organic Plant Food.
- Citrus respond well to heavy pruning, however, stone fruits may require a more gradual process taking place over 2-3 years.
- Remove anything that is dead, diseased or damaged, including any crossing or rubbing branches.
- Focus on keeping a number of outward facing and strong looking branches to act as the final skeleton/framework.
- Start by pruning off a little bit at a time, until you can envisage the final shape and structure.

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