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What is the best way to treat powdery mildew on my rockmelon

It's a rockmelon plant and it's dying from the root. Does it still have a chance to live? I'm a garden newbie. Please help save my plant.

Fruit and Citrus • Diseases

Hello Leelee,

Unfortunately powdery mildew can and most likely will eventually lead to your plant's demise in this case. It is often encountered toward the end of the season with infected plants falling into a slow decline. You should carefully remove affected foliage and plants where possible to slow the spread of the fungus to the rest of the garden. Tomatoes and vegetables can be treated from Spring through to Autumn with Yates Lime Sulphur, applied regularly (as necessary) for control of powdery mildew. We are sorry to be the bearers of bad news and hope to hear some better news from your garden soon! Kind regards, Matt Yates Consumer Advice Horticulturalist



Answered: 20 Jan, 2016

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