What concentration of Yates Liquid Copper Fungicide to use for rust in a fig (Black Genoa) & apply when?

What concentration of Yates Liquid Copper Fungicide should be used to control rust in Black Genoa or Brown Turkey fig? When should it be applied? Should the whole of the plant (including buds be sprayed? The plant will be planted in coastal northern NSW but is currently in a pot in coastal South east QLD.


20 May 2021 03:44 PM

Unfortunately, Yates Liquid Copper Fungicide is not currently registered for use on figs. We do not currently have any products suitable to treat rust on fig trees. The best thing to do is to carefully remove the affected plant parts and bin them. Give the tree a good feed with a complete fertiliser, like Yates Thrive Natural Citrus & Fruit Organic Based Pelletised Plant Food to help it recover.

Topics: Fruit and Citrus Issues: Diseases