How can I get rid of Clover that is growing within Mondo Grass quite extensively

Bear in mind also in this garden bed that gets pretty much full sun there are approx 8 Cycads growing that are currently being treated for Frizzle Top. The cycads are being treated utilising Sulphate of Iron and Trace Elements. The garden bed is getting sufficient water - its just getting rid of the clover that is a non stop job pulling it by hand - is there some spray that can be used to wipe out the clover and leave both the cycads and mondo grass fine?


09 May 2013 09:43 AM

Hi David,

unfortunately the only thing besides hand removal that you can do to get rid of the clover is to use Zero Super Concentrate Weed Killer with glyphosate, a non selective herbicide. Apply it directly to the clover using either the Zero Weeding Brush or a paintbrush being careful not to get it on the mondo grass.

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