When is the best time to plant ilium bulbs in Perth?

When is the best time to plant ilium bulbs? We live on the coast south of Perth


03 April 2013 01:12 AM

Liliums are planted from winter to early spring. Liliums really are a fabulous garden plants - you will be blessed with bright blooms. We love that they come in a wide variety of colours and shine on through summer in garden beds or pots. The tall straight stems are good for picking and featuring in vases and floral displays. Plant in Winter and Spring to be rewarded in Summer with blooms.
Other tips ... Positioning full sun to part shade. Oriental lilies prefer a cooler, more sheltered position and may require staking and protection from hot sun and hot winds. All taller Lily varieties may need staking to support the stems, particularly in open areas where there is less protection from wind. Lily bulbs are easy to plant and maintain. They grow well in full sun to part shade and they can be left in the ground for years, where they will steadily multiply. Keep them moist in growth, add a little fertiliser and you will rewarded handsomely.

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