How can I grow Tiger grass do you have any tips

I wish to incorporate them into my Bali themed garden but have been told they have a bad root system. What do you suggest?


20 June 2013 12:24 PM

Hi Karen,

Tiger grass has a clumping root system unlike the common bamboo which has a running and rather invasive root system. This plant does form a large clump in a short period of time but if you find the plant is taking up too much room, you could always reduce the clump by dividing it and transferring the clump to another part of the garden. I am sure the plants would do rather well in large pots also. I guess it would depend upon how much room you have available for your Balinese garden. I am sure if you make enquiries at your local garden centre, they will have a range of grasses that you could incorporate into plan. I hope you enjoy creating this beautiful garden.

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