Are jade, hibiscus, bird of paradise, protea, agave, umbrella tree ok to plant near an inground pool?

I'm mainly concerned that their root systems are compact and not invasive.


28 January 2013 12:46 PM

Hi Sue,

I am not sure how much room you have around your pool area. I can see you are aiming for that tropical look. I don't think it is a good idea to plant an umbrella tree. It will grow very large and it has a very strong root system. Bird of Paradise will be okay as long as there is plenty for it to spread. Only buy the bird of paradise that only grow to 1.5 metres - avoid the taller growing variety. Hibiscus is fine - they can be pruned to a manageable size. Agave take up a lot of room as they grow so again allow plenty of room. There are proteas that only grow to a maximum of 2 metres (check these out with your local nursery. Jade will also need to be kept under control but jade in pots around a pool would look terrific. Enjoy your pool and putting in your new garden.

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