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How do you treat Pittosporum Bark Beetles?

Hi. I think my pittosporum has bark beetle - the affected tree actually died about 6 months ago and it is only recently that I have noticed the bark is lifting off and there are bore lines along the surface of the wood. I have other fullly grown pittosporum trees alongside it at approx 1.5m intervals and Im wondering what treatment options there are for us to prevent this from spreading to the other trees - I also read that these types of pests attack only dead or dying trees not live wood/bark - is that true? The affected tree is getting chopped down in the coming week.

Flowers and Ornamentals • Pests

Hi Christina,

Unfortunatetly we don't have a product that will treat borers and normally they are found on trees that are suffering from environmental stress. Try and make sure trees are growing in a well drained situation and try using some ecoSeaweed product around their roots this will ensure their health.



Answered: 14 Dec, 2014

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