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When do you prune sunburnt Correas and Geraldton Wax plants?

Our correas got burnt on a 41degree day. some have died, some still have a few green leaves but are sickly. Can I prune now and how hard? Also, our Geralton Wax flowered in late spring then it got too hot to prune them. They are just under 2mt tall but are leggy with only the top 1/3 green. Can I prune now, and how hard? Thanks Wendy. PS we live in South West Victoria

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Hi Wendy,

It is a pity your plants were affected so badly with the heat during the summer. They are obviously still undergoing some stress so it would be beneficial at this point to apply either some seaweed booster or a new Yates product called Uplift Organic Plant Starter & Root Booster. This product stimulates root development and improves stress resistance. If you do prune your correas, prune lightly at this stage just to tidy up the plant as they are still in a vulnerable stage. Once you see signs of new growth, you will know your plants are on their way to recovery. Let them flower next spring and then prune after they have finished flowering. You can prune your geralton wax now, but just lightly. Normally pruning by 1/3 would be sufficient, but because there is only foliage on the top of your plant, it would be a little drastic to remove all of that foliage at this stage. Seaweed can be applied on a monthly basis to maintain the health of the plant. After the plant finishes flowering in spring, you can then prune your plant again.



Answered: 19 Mar, 2012

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