How do I treat my begonias for rust and powdery mildew?

WE have begonias in hot house getting rust and begonias on verandah getting powerdy mildew. What can we use .


23 February 2012 02:34 AM

Hi Gordon,

What a shame you have rust and powdery mildew on your begonias. Unfortunately, because of the humidity we have been experiencing, fungal diseases seems thrive in this conditions. We would suggest you spray with a Yates product called Rose Shield. Both of these products contain a systemic fungicide which is highly effective against the spread of rust and powdery mildew. You will need to spray both on top of the leaves and underneath the leaves to get good control. Repeat the spray every 7 - 10 days. Make sure there is plenty of aeration around the plants and if necessary isolate those plants that have been infected. Good luck.

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