Organic Feeding

It’s important to feed plants, to ensure they grow to their full potential and give you a great harvest. Organic fertilisers should contain a complete blend of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), which are the nutrients that promote healthy leaf growth, a strong root system and lots of flowers and fruit and pest and disease resistance.

Organic fertilisers like Yates Nature’s Way Organic Plant Food pellets contain rich organic matter, and when used regularly will help improve soil health by raising the organic matter content of the soil. This encourages earthworms and soil microorganisms, improves the moisture and nutrient holding capacity of sandy soil and the drainage and aeration of clay soil.

Yates Nature’s Way Organic Plant Food can also be applied with the hose-on applicator pack, which makes it quick and easy to organically feed large areas of garden.

Yates Nature’s Way Organic Plant Foods are certified for use in organic gardens so they’re an ideal way for organic gardeners to feed and nurture their plants.


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