• Natural* ingredients
  • Active Constituents: Clove Oil, Acetic Acid
  • Kills weeds fast: Visual results on some weed species after 1 hour of application
  • Controls a wide range of common weeds & grasses including dandelion, clover, broad leaf weeds, algae and moss
  • Non residual in the soil
  • Glyphosate-Free
  • *Contains a synthetic surfactant

A natural* alternative to traditional weed control, Yates Zero Naturals uses natural* ingredients to kill weeds fast. Visible results on some weed species may be seen after 1 hour. Uses Natural* Clove Oil & Acetic Acid.



  • 750ml


  • 40.4g/L Clove Oil
  • 40.4g/L Acetic Acid

Safety data sheet

How to use

  • Shake bottle well before use. 
  • Do not spray if rain is likely within 2 hours. 
  • Do not water for at least 24 hours after application. 
  • For best results, apply on a warm, sunny day to young plants with dry foliage. Do not remove treated weeds until completely died off. 
  • Do not apply in windy conditions. 
  • Results may take longer on certain tough, mature weeds or weeds in deep shade. 
  • Repeat applications may be necessary on mature weeds.


  • DO NOT enter treated areas until the spray has dried. 
  • DO NOT allow spray to contact or drift onto plants (including lawn grass) you do not want killed. 
  • DO NOT allow chemical containers or spray to get into drains, sewers, streams or ponds. 
  • DO NOT spray directly on humans, pets, exposed food, food preparation areas or food utensils. 
  • Product may stain certain pavers/tiles. Test an inconspicuous spot, allow to dry and inspect before use. In most cases, stains can be removed with washing and brushing.

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