Pr Tn Lawn Queensland Blue Couch Close Up

Queensland Blue Couch is a warm season grass suited only to the warmer regions of the country. It has a similar appearance as genuine Couch, but with a 2 winged seed head.

About Queensland Blue Couch Turf

Queensland Blue Couch is not the same as normal couch, couch has stolons and rhizomes.  Whereas Queensland Blue Couch only has stolons.

It is slightly more shade-tolerant than couch but is not as resistant to wear, close cutting and dry weather. Blue couch makes a beautiful lawn and is best suited to southern coastal Queensland, the north coast of New South Wales and southern parts of Western Australia. It has higher nutritional requirements than normal couch and can be identified versus normal couch due to a 2 winged seedhead. Does not tolerate many herbicides that couch does.

Seed is scarce but available, providing a quicker method of establishment than sprigs; turf is also available. The best time to lay it down is spring or early summer.


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