Couch Tip Maggot Control in Your Lawn

Diptera : Anthomyiidae : Delia urbana

Couch Tip Maggot (Delia urbana), sometimes known as ‘Couchgrass Fly’ or ‘Couch Tip Fly’, is a pest of turf grasses, particularly couch grass. This insect is found in many parts of the southern half of Australia, but currently there is no evidence that it occurs in Tasmania.

The adult fly is similar in appearance but smaller than a house fly, and it lays its eggs on the growing tips of couch grass. The hatching larvae bore into the growing tips of the grass. You’ll normally only see the adult fly, not larvae, when you walk on your lawn. If infected, it will generally be thin and weakened. However, severe infestations can cause couch grass to die off where the Couch Tip Maggots have been feeding.

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