You will need:

  • Two old running shoes, loafers, high heels or boots
  • Potting mix
  • Water
  • Small varieties of flower, vegetable or herb seeds, seedlings or succulents.

What you need to do:

  1. Make sure your shoes have holes in them. See we do mean ‘old shoes’!
  2. Fill each shoe with potting mix. Make sure it gets right down into the toes.
  3. Water until the shoe starts to leak.
  4. Plant a few seeds in each shoe.
  5. If you're planting seedlings (small baby plants) or succulents, carefully remove them from the pot they are currently in and place gently in a hole in the soil, in the shoe. 
  6. Place out in the sunshine and water the shoes when the soil is dry down to the bottom of your thumb.
  7. Wait for the seeds to sprout or new shoots to grow on the plants