Lawn weeds can often take us by surprise. They start off small and inconspicuous, often hiding in amongst grass blades. As lawn growth starts to slow in late autumn and winter, weed growth can take off and they seem to appear from nowhere.


Broadleaf lawn weeds like clover, thistles and dandelions can take advantage of the lawn’s slower growth and if not controlled can compete with the lawn and ruin the manicured look we all love. Pets and children will also appreciate the absence of prickly thistles!

You can control the most common broadleaf weeds in lawns, before they take over, in only a few minutes by using easy to use hose-on packs.

If you have broadleaf weeds in a couch or kikuyu lawn, apply Yates Weed’n’Feed®. It also contains a wetting agent to improve spray coverage and leaf penetration for a better weed kill result. For large lawns, the big 4 L pack will treat a huge 260 square metres. 

If you have a buffalo lawn, it’s important to choose weed killers that are safe for buffalo. Yates Buffalo PRO Weed’n’Feed has been specially designed for buffalo lawns. Visible weed control symptoms, such as leaf curling, can take a few weeks to appear.

Both Yates Weed’n’Feed® and Yates Buffalo PRO Weed’n’Feed are also boosted with the key lawn nutrients nitrogen and iron, which both promote a deep, rich green lawn.

You'll need

Yates Buffalo PRO Weed 'n' Feed Hose-on

Yates Buffalo Pro Hose-on weed killer and fertiliser. A ready to use, convenient hose-on weed killer that is suitable to use on buffalo lawn with no mixing and no fuss.

Yates Weed 'n' Feed Hose-On

Yates Weed 'n' Feed Hose-on weed killer and fertiliser. Liquid hose on weedkiller with added nitrogen fertiliser for healthy green lawns.