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‘Buddha’s hand’ or ‘Fingered Citron’ might look like something from another planet or a sea creature from the deep, however they are a fascinating type of citrus that have fruit shaped like fingers on a hand.


In Asia, the fruit symbolises long life, good fortune and happiness and is often used in religious ceremonies. The beauty of this fruit is in the rind (rather than the flesh), which can be used to make candied citrus peel and syrups and the zest used in salad dressings and roasts. The fruit, which ripens in late Autumn to winter, has an intense aroma, combining fragrances of tangerines, osmanthus, cumquats and lemons and a bowl of Buddha’s hands can be used to scent a room.

Buddha’s hand trees grow to around 3m tall and do best in a warm, frost protected spot. Feed citrus trees like Buddha’s hand with every 1 – 2 weeks with Yates Thrive Citrus Liquid Plant Food to help keep the plant healthy and productive.


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