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What is wrong with my Eucalyptus Dwarf Orange tree?

I have a dwarf orange eucalyptus that has only been planted since August 2014. The leaves have suddenly started to dry out even though the soil is moist. Most of the dry leaves have fallen off. We have had average rainfall for the area during late August/September. The tree has also received over spray from my neighbors sprinkler. The soil is a mixture of native plant mix with a little bit of peat moss.I have pushed back the sugar cane mulch as well. Four days ago (4/10) I applied an application of Yates Anti Rot and have been cautious not to over water it. What should I do now for this plant to survive or have I lost $65?

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Hi Renae,

The leaves look quite healthy but perhaps a small application of Yates Dynamic Lifter Soil Improver & Plant Fertiliser may help. Next time you water or it rains check the soil moisture - is it too wet as this will cause the roots to become waterlogged. Keeping the mulch away from the trunk is important. The plant may just need a bit more time to settle in.



Answered: 8 Oct, 2014

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