What lawns are best suited to Melbourne climates

I live in the Eastern suburbs, Melbourne and want to sow some lawn seed. I have read couch can be a pain? I want something hardy that doesn't require lots of watering and is rather luscious looking. It will be fairly exposed to the direct sun. I have some existing lawn that grows really quickly that looks good (have to mow at the moment (September) nearly every week. Which types of seed would be best and what do you think may be that grass? I wondered if it may be Kikuyu? Thanks.


05 October 2011 10:56 PM

Hi Samantha,

If your grass is quite green and lush it may be a cool season grass like a fescue or rye grass. If it is broader leaved and more of a running grass it could be kikuyu. If you take some pieces to your local nursery they will identify it for you. The best grass seeds for your area would be the Hortico Lawn Seed Tough and Drought Hardy which contains a combination of grass seeds that provide a quick germination, tough and drought tolerant, shade tolerant and likes cool climates. This product is stocked in Bunnings stores.

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