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What lawn would you recommend to grow under my Lemon Scented Gums?

i would like to have some green lawn on the front with the trees but i cannot find one which would grow with the gum trees. or can you suggest anything else as an alternative

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Hi Julie,

Thank you for sending the photo. It helps to give is an idea of how we can assist you further. Even though you mentioned you have 2 eucalypts that would cast a lot of shade, I think it would still be possible to grow an appropriate lawn in that area. I am not sure if you want to start from scratch and remove the existing grass or whether you want to oversow with another grass seed. If you decided to remove the existing grass, you can spray with a product called Zero Glyphosate. Once the grass has died off, remove the dead grass and rake over the area to loosen the soil. At this stage you may need to import some soil to level off the area. Yates Dynamic Lifter Organic Lawn Food can then be incorporated into the soil before sowing seed or laying turf. A seed blend that we could recommend is called Hortico Tough & Drought Hardy Lawn Seed. It is a hard wearing, drought tolerant lawn seed which is suited to most Australian conditions. Autumn is an ideal time to be growing a lawn from seed. It will germinate quickly and then develop over the winter months. Once spring arrives, the grass will take off with an addition of a suitable fertiliser. We would recommend applying a fertiliser called Lawn Master. This product will ensure that your lawn receives the necessary nutrients to make it thicker, stronger and greener. I am sure this coming summer you will have a lawn you will be proud of. Have fun.



Answered: 11 Apr, 2013

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