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What creeping weed like succulent grows across lawns

it looks similar to a succulent and has a thick stems with little roundish leaves.

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Hi Stacey,

This weed is called portulaca. It can become quite an invasive weed in a lawn situation if left unchecked. Yates have a number of selective lawn herbicides such as Bindii & Clover Weeder and Buffalo Pro which will control broadleaf weeds in a lawn situation. Neither of these products are registered for the control of this weed. If you are about to spray to remove the broadleaf weeds which you may have in your lawn, you can use either of these products. These sprays may have some effect on the portulaca, but as I said, we do not state on the label that these products will kill the portulaca. Zero Weedspray is a non-selective herbicide that can be applied to weeds such as portulaca. Care should be taken when using this spray as it will kill any foliage that the product touches. This may be difficult in a lawn situation as this weeds grows over the top of the existing grass. Some of the grass underneath may be affected by the herbicide but once the weed has died, it will give the roots of the grass a chance to grow strongly again. The Zero Weedspray can be applied with a weed brush. I wish you good luck in eliminating this annoying weed.



Answered: 1 Mar, 2013

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