What can I use to kill nut grass in lawns?

I have about 4 sq. m of nut grass (Mullumbimby Couch) in my lawn but "Sempra" is far too expensive. Is there another product I could use.


24 July 2012 09:41 AM

Hi John,

The only Yates product that I can recommend that will control nut grass is Zero Weedspray. This product is not a selective herbicide so it is not suitable to be used on a lawn, unless of course you intend to spot spray the weeds. Even then you would have to be extremely careful that the spray does not touch the surrounding grass. The product that you mentioned is obviously a commercial product and it can, as you say, be fairly expensive to purchase. Perhaps it may be cheaper for you to contact a lawn specialist who would have access to commercial products such as the one you mentioned and then have them carry out the task of removing the nutgrass from your lawn.

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