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How do I move/re-plant buffalo grass from one part of the lawn to another?

There is a small patch of ground outside my fence that I covered with leftover buffalo grass turf last year when I renovate my lawn. Now I want to cover that area with pebbles instead. Can I move or re-plant the grass? There are several areas in my lawn where the grass just refused to grow and I'm thinking of patching this area. How do I go about it? Can I just dig the grass and layer it on top of the existing bare patches?

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Hi Rini,

You can certainly re-plant the buffalo grass in the bare patches that you have. To give the grass a good start, and encourage it to grow, prepare those bare patches by removing the existing soil to a depth to where you can easily put in the new grass keeping it level with the rest of your lawn. The soil you have removed, you might like to use that to lightly cover the new patches of lawn, firming it in around the edges. Water it lightly and keep the area moist to allow the roots to take hold. Regular applications of seaweed solution with aid in the development of the roots. Give it a little time and I am sure you will see perfect results.



Answered: 21 Sep, 2013

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