How do I kill kikuyu growing in my buffalo lawn

I want to kill the Kikuyu. I have seen conflicting information in previous answers. Will Yates Winter Grass Killer also kill the Kikuyu or will it just dampen its mood? And if it will kill it, any special instructions such as lay it on thick and in a heavy concentrate? If it won't kill it, I am thinking of injecting Zero concentrate into strands of the Kikuyu with a syringe. Thanks


01 December 2012 09:57 AM

Hi Garth,

Thank you for your enquiry. Even though the the label on Winter Grass Killer says 'not suitable for use on kikuyu lawn' we cannot recommend that it be used to kill kikuyu in a buffalo lawn. It will some effect on the kikuyu lawn but it cannot be used for that purpose. Your suggestion of using Zero Glyphosate on the blade of the kikuyu grass will certainly have a killing effect. Painting the product onto the blade of the grass is a tedious task, but it will have the desired effect. Just be careful that none of the glyphosate product goes onto the buffalo grass. Use the rate of 8mls per 1 litre of water.

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