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I cover it in hot/ cold -frost weather and uncover when danger is over . But this spring I have infestation of oxalis apart from pulling it manually there is always some residual I have missed. I have never fed the dichondra because I did not know what to give it . I know now. Can I use weed and feed or some similar product.

Lawns • Weeds

Unfortunately controlling broadleaf weeds in a broadleaf lawn (dichondra) can be quite difficult. Selective herbicides, such as Weed 'n' Feed products, are not suitable for these types of lawns as they are selective to broad-leafed plants.

For particularly bad weed infested areas, you can apply Yates Zero Weedkiller Super Concentrate. This is a non-selective herbicide so it could potentially kill any plant it comes into contact with, and it is also systemic - kills roots and all!

To help prevent spray drifting on to other areas of the lawn, apply this product using a Yates Zero Weeding Brush



Answered: 12 Mar, 2021

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