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How can I eliminate clover from my kikuyu lawn? I have repeated used your "Bindi & Clover" concentrate ...

... diluted 150 mL to 10 L with pressure spray application. I watch the weather, the time of lawn mowing and other obvious factors, but I can't seen to get rid of the clover. I've done this MANY times now over the past 2 years but it doesn't seem to help. Should I increase the rate e.g. to 250 mL per 10 L and try that?

Lawns • Weeds

The recommended dilution rate is 75ml in 5L of water, so 150ml per 10 L would be the current mixing rate. With the waxy coating on clover leaves, it does help by adding some wetting agent to help coat the herbicide on the weed leaves. Try add 5ml of eco oil on every 2L solution, click here for more info or to buy: 



Answered: 10 May, 2022

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