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How can I control small leaf clover growing in my palmetto lawn

I have a small leaf clover [has a yellow flower] growing in a palmetto lawn in perth, western australia [I can include a photo but it exceeds the 2mb maximum]. this clover is really taking hold. I have sprayed with yates buffalo pro and also searles buffalo master. I used a few drops of dishwashing liquid in my sprayer to help the effectiveness of the spray on the clover. neither have any effect on this weed. the clover is very fine and it would not be possible to hand weed out. can you give me some advice on just what I can do to eradicate the clover? many thanks.

Lawns • Weeds

Hi Gilbert.

The small leaf clover shape weed is most probably creeping oxalis. It is very difficult to control and will require a few treatments. It may take several years to control fully. I suggest the concentrate form of Buffalo Pro would be better than using a hose-on as a more targetted approach can be take. All the best.



Answered: 23 Oct, 2014

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