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What are the random holes popping up in my lawn and garden

I have an increasing amount of holes appearing in my lawn and some gardens. the holes range from 2cm to 3cm and seem to be fairly deep. There is no build up of soil around the hole edge or any sign of insects, grubs etc! They tend to be in the more sparsely grassed areas of the yard. I have attached a photo that hopefully gives you some idea of what they look like.

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Hi Wayne,

We think these holes could well be caused by bandicoots. In the past we have helped gardeners investigate mysterious, funnel-shaped holes in their lawn. Usually they are most active at night and you can see them with a torch. If it is Bandicoots they will be coming from close by bushland and digging in the lawn for grubs, worms and other juicy morsels.
They are protected creatures so we are not sure if there is anything that can be done to deter them from your property.
The upside of these furry visitors is that they are helping to control the lawn pests in your lawn. If they are coming back please provide them with a safe environment and protect them from cats and dogs. Limit the use of pesticides in the garden, especially on the lawn whilst they forage.
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Answered: 15 Oct, 2013

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